Rose Colored Glasses, 2016, oil on canvas, 30 x 30 in.

For Anna Sidana, creating art is not only about what the eye sees, but about experiencing and conveying a multitude of feelings and emotions. An artist during her childhood, Sidana put down the paintbrush for most of her adult life until relatively recently when she started using her creativity as a way to escape the stresses of life and express herself without judgement.

Artist Statement

After working in high-tech for 25+ years, I realized that I was de-sensitized to the impact of technology on our lives, from the way we interact with each other, to how we consume media and news. Greater forces of capitalism and digitization are tearing up our connective tissue, leaving us disturbed to the point where it seems that the very fabric of our society is coming undone. We have to step outside to experience nature, forgetting that we are nature itself. 


I was re-awakened to the revitalizing values and inquisitorial possibilities offered by art about five years ago when I decided to pursue a life immersed in all aspects of art. My practice is informed by my experience of bridging the gap between our capitalist lives and acknowledging our essential human needs of nurturing and connection.


I explore disconnectedness in this paradoxically hyper-connected world. Through urbanization, digitization and the social media revolutions, humans have become separated from their environments – both natural and urban.  


I straddle abstract expressionism and loose representation, to provoke dialog and to engages one’s imagination. My portfolio is a compilation of largescale artworks that are highly gestural and instinctual.  I lean on color as it enables me to connect with my own heritage and plays a significant role in my compositions.


I invite the viewer to step into a hopeful and immersive experience, that offers value and equilibrium, reconnecting them to the natural elements of this world.

© 2018 by Anna Sidana